Originally, TK Flat Floor was founded together by a joint-venture between Floor expert from Korea and Thailand, nominally implied by the company name of TK.

There is no doubt that TK Flat Floor became the solely company in Thailand that specializes in flatness and levelness on industrial floors such as warehouse, factory, and distribution centers since 2005 with high technological machines and finishing tools supported by more-developed country in term of the construction field.

We initiated the high standard for both free movement and defined movement floor construction. With nearly a decade of experience in making a required floor specification, TK Flat Floor has a wide range of abilities to provide high-quality concrete flooring services with the effective cost

We committed the variety of serviceable range:

  • Design and Construction process
  • Mocking and forming the floor slab area
  • Screed floor by laser screed machine
  • Joint control or even without Joint
  • Super flat Floor construction

And many more in details

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